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I heard that Ovations don't have a good sound when they are not plugged in while the Martins generally do. Go to a local show and play one of each and get a feel for them.

Not that Ovations sound horrible, just not as good as a Martin
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ovation! i have one and love it, they sound fine unplugged in my opinion but alot of people dont like them. i suggest you just try both plugged and unplugged and find the best one for your needs.
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My Ovation is one of the best sounding guitars I've ever heard, even unplugged. I also prefer the feel over most Martins. I've never played either of those models, but I own the 1861 Standard Balladeer, and it is beautiful.
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read this thread. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=838464

dont judge guitars by the good things you hear. any ignorant 12 year old with an internet connection can say something good about their guitar, but only the guitarists who are honest with themselves and their guitars will say anything negative about them.

Also, a lot of the good comments you hear on online reviews will be skewed because the buyer is probably overly excited from buying a new guitar. You won't really know what the guitar is like to live with until a few months have passed.

if you buy an ovation. do not buy one unless it is american made.

As for the martin... it will sound alright, but you're paying for the name on the headstock. honestly, you arent even buying real wood on the side and back of that guitar. what are you paying for? theres no way HPL can be that expensive to produce.

If i were in your situation, i would go out and look at a Seagull, Takamine, Guild GAD series, or an Epiphone Masterbilt series. I would encourage that you stay away from buying guitars online. Guitars are a very personal affair. If you buy a guitar online and dont like how it feels or how it sounds, then you just wasted your money. Play the guitars thoroughly before buying. If not, you may regret it.
That's an LX series Ovation (American made). I've played one before (unplugged though) and it sounded pretty good.

Don't be tempted to get a Martin just because of the name. They make some great guitars, but they make some equally horrible ones. X-series Martin's aren't worth the hype.

Go for the Ovation.
I would actually probably get the Ovation between those two. I like the American Ovations that I have played... but I really wouldn't consider either of the two. I have played several guitars I liked better in the same price range.

Have you played both guitars? Have you played any other guitars in this price range? If so, what models? How did you narrow it down to these two?