My father-in-law just called and said he is *GIVING* me a Peavey Classic 20 tonight! He's bringing it over to the house in a couple hours. He bought it cheap today from a guy he does some business with, and the guy he bought it from apparently has had the amp for many years but it's like new and hardly ever been played.

Anyways I've heard good things about this amp and am dying to get home and play it. I've never owned an all tube amp before. Can you get a decent clean tone out of this amp and is it strong enough to play small gigs with? Thanks
I'm pretty sure you'll be able to achieve both!
You can always play with the volume knob on your guitar to achieve a more cleaner sound

Either way, you don't see many of these around EVER, so take this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity
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I have a classic 20 in tweed and love it!! Yes it is loud enough for small gigs and will shock those when they see it. It is a small little thing but it really can pump it out. Using the volume knob really cleans things up when it is cranked. You will not be dissappointed. Set the volume low and the master high for great cleans. The volume is the preamp gain and the master is... well the master volume. Put in some good tubes and you will be in tone heaven. I put in Tungsol 12ax7s in the preamp and Mullard EL84s in the power. Enjoy!!
BTW these will be collectables in the future so hang on to it. You hardly ever see these around.
I'm definitely going to keep it. It's tweed with an oxblood grill, in pristine condition and looks new. The tubes are Sovteks and are probably original. It still has a sticker and the original sales tag on the back showing it sold for $330 new from a store called "Musictron". Guessing it's 20 - 25 years old.

I played through it a bit last night and it sounded great and was louder than expected. I didn't have much luck getting a good clean tone out of it, but will try later. I puts out quite a bit of heat from the back. There is no standby button ... should it warm up a minute or two before playing, and cool a bit after shutting it off before it's moved? Thanks
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I definately give mine a few minutes to warm up and cool down. If you want a good clean blues tone try this setting: volume 4, bass 12, middle 9, treble 7-8, boost engaged and master as loud as you want it. I get a really good SRV like tone with my strat at this setting. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
Think it's 2, but I'm not sure

EDIT: yep, it uses 2 EL84's and 2 12AX7
Yeah just checked the schematic, it's 2.

It also has just 2 12AX7s.

Meaning it has the 'Cathodyne' Vintage-Fender style Phase Inverter. Very very interesting design. The schematic makes it look very very similar to an Orange AD30, but with 15w. It's meant to chuck out that kind of heat btw, don't worry.

So, i'm guessing, it sounds very British, warm and fat, mid-gain at tops and voiced well for stuff like Black Sabbath?
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Mr. Carrot has the correct. I have heard that like the C30 it was designed after a VOX but considering I have never played a Vox I do not know if this is true. I love the tone and keep it very clean or until a slight breakup tone. I am not a fan of alot of gain.
I downloaded a manual from the Peavey website, and in the back of the manual it shows lots of settings to get different types of tones. Tried several of them yesterday (before reading your post buzzzxx, I'll try those settings) and was able to get a reasonably clean tone. At least to my untrained ear it does have a very British voice to the tone. It seems to like single coils too.

It does have two EL84s and two 12AX7s, and they have wire retainers holding them in place. I played at church yesterday morning and the other electric rhythm player owns both a Classic 20 & a Classic 30. He said they both have some issues with tubes rattling and that is the reason for the wire retainers.