i was wondering if sum 1 cud giv me help help on tremlos,floyd roses in particular...

i dont actali no much about tremlos all i no is tht i want 1 on m net guitar

iv heared alot of bad fings about floyd roses, are they good or bad things 2 have?/
They are honestly the best tremolos out there! They are locking tremolos, meaning that they lock the strings so it can't go out of tune. A tremolo is a bridge that is not attached, so you can use a whammy bar, by the way.
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floyd rose style tremolos are awesome but at a cost

can make some really cool sounds, like the sorta horsie squeals you hear in metal music, do dive bombs, whammy bar harmonics, and plenty of other tricks, can use them to add wide vibrato to notes such as in knights of cydnonia. and is generally a bit of fun especialy for ending songs.

makes you guitar way more fiddly it is a floating system, it works by the springs in the backs tension matching the tension in the strings, this holds it central and allows it to return here after being used. this means if string tension changes due to, diffferent tuning, different string gauge etc the tensions will no longer be equal
in short all this means tuning takes way longer from scratch and is generally more fiddly, however once in tune stays in tune very well. if you like to change tunings regularly especially dropped tunings you will have to reset up your guitar everytime
and also if you break a string the rest will go big time out of tune, big issue if playing live!!

a lot of this can be fixed by using a tremol no which allows you to effectively turn you tremolo on and off

what sorta music you play? floyd roses are mainly but not solely used in metal music.

a whammy bar is great fun especially for messing around but if your not gonna use it much its not worth the extra hassle
i play rock anything frm chillis to avenged sevenfold velvet revolver etc

iv gota an old washburn with a whammy bar on but it aint all tht good so i want a better guitar with a whammy, iv been lookin at schecter and ibanez and alot of them are fitted with floy roses but iv been sort of warned about them, you either love them or hate them basicly.....im confuzed lol
The Ibanez trems seem to stay in tune better and are less of a hassle than a Floyd Rose tremolo.

But as symanoy said, if you're not gonna implement it a lot in your playing and are just looking to mess around, it's not worth it.
i have an ibanez rg with an ibanez floyd rose. personally i love it, i'm a muse fan and its great being able to play knight of cydonia properly, but for other music a hardtail is better
i believe the sustain on a floating bridge isn't quite as good as on a hardtail

if you regularly down tune below drop D its a big no no really unless you buy a tremol no as you can lock the tremolo off,

you can get a strat style dive only whammy bar not as cool but still ok

if you can try some guitar with whammy bars out see what you think of them
Quote by mr frusciante
i play alot in standard nd drop d, is tht a bad fing wiv floyd rose??

Changing between tunings isn't exactly the most fun thing in the world on a locking tremolo.
standard and drop d are fine i switch between those with no problems
anything lower than drop d and you will need to fiddle with the springs tho

you ever seen the inside the back of a tremolo equipped guitar?
basically theres a claw with several (usually 3 springs attached which then attach to the base of the bridge.
http://www.tremol-no.com/ see the site for a picture of a tremol no
its basically a remplacement claw that can be locked so the bridge does not move effectively making it a fixed bridge
it also has dive only mode which turns it into a strat style dive only whammy
i believe there are some good demo vids on you tube
no problem pleased i've helped
good luck with whatever you choose to do