I have been inspired by some off the great guitar heroes (i.e. Al di Meola, John Mclaughlin) to try to develop my alternate picking on acoustic guitar....so, basically I'm applying simple licks and phrases such as


to the acoustic guitar, RATHER than electric. I find this very difficult, and wonder how much time/practice it will take to play phrases of perhaps a more challenging level at speeds of 160-180BPM.
This is something I want to get between the next 3-4 months.....but I wonder if anyone has any advice or points on alternate picking development?
Can you do it on the elctric guitar?
because although you may have some trouble carrying your techniques over initially you should be able to pick it up pretty quickly. Basically with stuff like that I practice slow and really commit it to memory and when I'm completely comfortable playing at a given speed, i will find a higher speed thats slightly beyond what I'm capable of, take it a step a step back so I'm not out of my league, and practice till i get that down too.

It shouldnt be too hard, especially if you already have those skills from playing electric. Also, it helps alot to do a lot of your practicing on an acoustic. If you can do bends and vibrato on an acoustic and play fast, its a lot easier to carry that back to electric guitar playing than it is to do it the opposite way. I tend to learn everything on my acoustic guitar, and then take it over to my electric when I'm in my room with my amp..