hi, i'm looking for online advanced guitar lessons, but not the average shred thing "here is a very fast d-minor ascending scale three notes-a-string".
what i look for is clever and unusual way of thinking and playing for rock guitars!

so far i found two interesting lessons pages:

Mathias IA Eklund's homepage, lick session

Online lessons from Jonas Tamas

please please give me tips and links for another interesting and cool sources of guitar lessons!
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UG Lesson pages!!!!!!!

yeah of course i know the UG lessons page... thats why im here, it is the coolest guitar site.
so if any you have suggestions for advanced, kind of unusual online guitar lesson pages besides the mentioned two pages, then write the address for us!
I didn't like the crusade

But anyway, these are hard to come by, let us know if you find anymore!
I doubt it counts as a lesson, but if you want some unusual guitar techniques, stick your teeth in this:

If you don't speak frenchies', the guy's basically saying: "How to get rid of your bass player". :-) But consider the fact that he's the only guy playing in the room!
Just buy Creative Guitar 2 by Guthrie Govan. It has a lot of techniques in it that people already practice/use (sweeping/alternate/tapping/8fingertapping) but if you sit down with metronome and practice the stuff in it, your improvement will be rediculous.
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