I'm left handed but I play guitar like a right-handed. I mean, I fret with the hand I'm writing with....

Anyone here that does the same?

I made a group for us!
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That's reasonably common, left handers use their non-dominant hand a lot more than right handers use theirs.

However, I do find your thread name cool to say out loud. =D
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Quote by wiggyisgreat
That's reasonably common, left handers use their non-dominant hand a lot more than right handers use theirs.

Yes, might be something behind what you said.

For example: When I write, as I said, I use my left hand. Also when I play something like baseball or ice hockey.

But when I play soccer, I do it like a right (footed?) handed does it.
When I use scissors I use my right hand. I also feel most comfortable using my right hand when I play basketball or drums...

*raises hand*
I'm ambidextrous leaning towards lefty, and i play geet right handed. I have a lot more fretting dexterity, so I feel it works towards my advantage.
Left handed and play guitar left handed, just feels the most natural.

But I have played right handed when I went to a mates and used his guitar
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My guitarist is like that too.

He plays guitar, bats, and waves with his right hand.

But he eats, writes, and throws with his left hand.



yeh imleft handed and play guitar right handed.... tis just how i learnt lol and i never knew there were left handed guitarists at the time =P
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I'm one of those i guess.

Football/soccer:Left footed
Yeah, I play like this.
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I'm a leftie, and I learned Right handed bass. This may sound weird but, when I drum I play right handed and kick with my left foot.
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