i wasnt sure where to put this but i thought i wouldnt be flamed as bad in this thread. i just bought this used squier and there are a few problems..the volume knob falls off and the bottom strap holder thing is missing. also when i play at the higher frets, the string hits all the frets near the neck which makes an annoying noise and restricts the note from sounding (not sure if this is because the necks warped) but whatever...what exactly is wrong there and how much would it cost to fix all this stuff? thx
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It probably won't cost too much to get it fixed, those are relatively simple jobs to deal with.
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the fret buzz, you just need to highten the birdge a bit. not a hard shop. the strap button can be easily replaced. just get a cylindrical piece of wood and put it up the and then just screw a new one in. the volume nob i'm not sure.
stick a flat head screwdriver in the slot on the stump and spread the two halves apart a little. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, just stick a little tiny piece of paper towel over the stump and stick the knob back on.
If the neck is causing the fret buzz, you'll need to have it fixed or replaced. Not cheap, I can tell you that. around $180+ maybe. But if it's just the bridge height, it's really easy (and free) to fix.
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****t..yeah the neck buzz is definetly my biggest concern. i hope i wont need to get the neck replaced though cause i just bought the bass with the amp for $200 lol
either the bridge or truss rod needs adjusting, if it has a truss rod that is....These are all fairly simple things to fix and pretty common among used guitars. You can most likely make the adjustments yourself and if you need parts, check on Ebay.