So my guitar crapped out on me yesterday and I finally got around to trying to fix it. It sounds like its not completely grounded, despite the fact that everything *should* be according to my wiring. I have it wired according to http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/WDUHH3T2101 and it was working fine until a day ago when it just stopped working. I've rewired the entire thing and it still doesn't work. Theres a hum which stops if I touch a metal part of it.

Here's a pic of the wiring for your enjoyment.

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I can only thing of two things...

First, insulate those braided parts, to stop them touching and grounding the hot.

Second, check the contacts on your switch.

Also.. try swapping the wires on your jack. Hot should go to the tip, and ground to the sleeve.

Edit: Are you positive that green is the hot?
I got around to looking at this again today and I tried switching the green and black leads from the GFS pickups to no avail, then discovered that indeed green is hot and black is ground.

I tried soldering the lead of the neck pickup directly to the jack and it works fine, but with noticeable humming. The jack is brand new, about a week and a half old, (my old one broke when I stepped on my lead :shame

Wiring is still the same as the previous picture. Any other suggestions?
no luck, I switched the wiring around to fit your description which matched up with other information on the internet. It really appears to be grounded incorrectly and I have no idea why...

Everything seems to be grounded to the pots correctly, all my wiring is fine, and its all grounded to the trem claw and the jack...

I just don't know -_-;;
Well, for starters, since you have shielding, the metal part of the pots should be touching that shielding. So as long as one of the pots has a ground connection, they should all be grounded. No need for that wire connecting the backs of all of them.

I'll check it out some more after my jazz class.

BTW, first thing I would try, is taking out that yellow wire that goes to the tone pot. Make it go straight to the tip of the output jack.
How many wires you got coming out of the pickups. I see a green as hot then a black and a shield going to ground and another wire looks like taped back. And something alot easier to do with your ground lugs on your pots, is bend the tab back to touching the pot housing and put a blob of solder instead of running the wire like you did. And you can get hum with the pots grounded the way you did. Run a ground wire from each component to a ring terminal and screw that to the body of the guitar.
to Tackleberry: All my grounds are linked together and then there is a ground going to the trem claw to ground it to the body. And the pickups have 4 leads, black white red green, and I know the white and red should be soldered together cause thats what I had before it stopped working.

forsaknazrael: the wires linking it shouldn't harm it though

I'm also curious cause when I do touch a metal part and try to play, the sound is a lot quieter and the hum is still noticable, just not as horrifically loud.