My band got an offer to record 2-3 of our songs professionally, because the recording engineer needed some more advertising material. I was wondering, we're getting this done for free, but how much would it normally cost? -mnin
Depends on the studio. Usuall it's in the range of $40-$120/hr. Mastering is another chunk, but it is usually charged per song with high quality locations charging in the $100+/song area.
I have found a guy that is willing to record my band for $300 per song. That is all the tracking, drum quantizing, mixing, and mastering. I'm not sure if this is a good deal or not but it seems to be. I have heard his work and it sounds awesome. He has worked with several other local bands in my area.
Most pro studios charge you on an hourly basis, not on a song-by-song basis. It can get get pretty pricey, around $50+/hr, or some places will let you go in for 10 hour blocks of time or a feal similar to that for around $500. Then after that they'll usually charge you around $50 for each song you have them master. Thats all pretty expensive though, you can find lower grade studios for much cheaper than that, but you just have to remember you get what you pay for.
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Depends on what you mean, too, about a pro studio. My perception of a pro studio is a studio that works with larger corporate clients and/or major label or affiliate label bands. Here in Hamilton, we have a studio that was started by Daniel Lanois. U2 did part of their Joshua Tree album there, and Guns 'n' Roses did some backing vox for the Use Your Illusion album. Their rates are about $100/hr. (and no, you DON'T get Lanois behind the controls for that price.... )

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