i wrote this two years ago
and found it recently but then i couldnt finish it
what do u think?

lost in my words, with too much to say
ship in the doldrum just like yesterday
formulate diction for humanity
why, why, why ? our epitome

its 11:11 and what do you want?
deadspeak and thunder bellows your heart
stretching head waves but not your own thoughts
comic sobriety let your imagination rot.

i had this good jazzy piano riff that i might post if i get around to recording it later...
what's 11:11?
and the very last line has too many syllables, unless you say them really really fast.
u know the time where u make a wish?
ohhh... i thought everybody did that
but the last line has the same amount of syllables as the one above it when i say imagination really fast