I use a dunlop jazz I(one) pick, point filed down to look like a jazz III. But kept skinny.

Just wondering if anyone else uses the shorter picks and if you had difficulties making clean smooth strum actions?

I mostly stick with power chords when I play, and lately trying out some arpeggio exercises. I'm sure it would help to use a more normal pick. But let's face it, I am one of those stubborn people that can't stop using something that makes everything else seem way too noisy. And that just isn't going to change anytime soon.

So, I was wondering if other short pick users have had this problem and just want to know what it took to get a smooth strum?

I guess it might help to let you know that I really enjoy trying to play metal tunes. But I am more than willing to try out other styles. Funk seems really fun and I have been wanting to get into that kind of stuff for a couple months now. The funk lesson on here has some nice strumming and muting patterns. I am thinking playing around with some of that stuff will help out with full stroke strumming motion.

Any other suggestions?
u get used to it. try paul gilbert picks first their lyk bugger jazz IIIs then use jazz IIIs. thats what i did n i find them comfy
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I use Jazz III picks and haven't had any strumming problems. Could you please clarify the problem? Are your fingers in the way? Are you missing strings? Does it just not sound right?
i use stubbys but

when i get them i chew them for extra grip cos of he teetc marks then get some wire cutters and snip the end into a point gives my picking a more cutting sound.
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yeah i use jazz III's as well, just gotta get used to them i guess, it is a bit harder to get nice strumming, just gotta get comfortable with them
I just have problems with keeping a fluid motion across all the strings.
End up missing like the 5th string out of 6 on down strokes a lot of the time.
It never really seems to be consistently just my fingers or just the wrist that gets out of motion.
But am sure just playing more chords in general should really help out.
You may just need to follow the strings a little closer with your picking hand so you don't miss a string. The small pick can be a problem in that respect; you naturally pull away from the guitar at either end of a strum (at least I do). See if that helps at all.
I use Jazz III's. No problems for me, I love them, but I wish I could "feel" the string a little better at times.
I use a fender jazz pick sometimes, but I sanded some of it, so it has a grip, cause it's so SMALL.