i love this kinda **** man, its awesome, but sometimes it looked like you had some time sigs there just for the sake of changing it when i could actually all fit into 4/4 pretty easily lol

i especially liked the conundrum, it was catchy and heavy and just overall a good song with some great weird sections like at 21. and the clean sections were great. and i loved the rhythms at 61

Ye olde pub was pretty sweet too wiht the piano shiz

wings of a demon was pretty crappy compared to the other tbh.

great stuuff overall tho, itd prob take me a while to get my head around each riff to play them all tho lol
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(I happened to like Wings of a Demon lol)

Thanks for the crit, I just don't know where to go next with those songs, and I'm glad you liked The Conundrum, it's one of my best works IMO. Now I just need to know what do with those other songs.

Also, alot of the huge time signatures (16/8, 24/8) were because I thought up a riff and didn't know exactly how big it was and once I got it tabbed out right I didn't wanna bother splitting it up into smaller measures.
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haha, the section in "the conundrum", bars 101 - 126 reminds me of the Final Fantasy X Big Summon Theme (Can't recall the proper name right now.)

I enjoyed The conundrum, but I found Pepper and Dragons a bit poor to be honest, they definately need work
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