So mines broken.

When I turn it on it goes into recovery mode. There it says, Clean Up, Format All, Reload Firmware, and Reboot. I've formatted it, and tried to reload the firmware. But the problem is that when I plug it into my computer, Windows won't even recognize it. Nothing shows up. The player will charge, but it wont let me transfer any files. So right now I have a Zen that has 0 files on it, no firmware, and won't be recognized by my computer.

Help me out?

I have tried restarting it many times, taking out the battery for a long period of time, and using the Creative recovery tool that you can download. That would work if my damn mp3 player would show up on My Computer.

this happened to my sisters one as well, we had to send it back to zen, exactly the same problems.

Sending it back was a pain they sent us the wrong one and stuff.

what they do is, they get yours, they dump the whole thing, then send it out to someone else, you might not even get the same color one back
I don't have money. $3 in my bank, I blew money on plane tickets to Coachella next thursday.