do u guys know how to do this?? what should i need? yes i need a software like amplitube but how to plug me guitar to my laptop? thanks
to plug your guitar into your computer (i'm assuming you want to record something), you need some type of external hardware, almost always connected by USB cable. some amps can plug directly into a computer via a plug in the back, but most can't, which is why you usually have to buy an adaptor, effects processor, or recording hardware. most, if not all, effects processors, however, have a USB slot and come with a cable. you'll find generally effects processors will be more worth the money if you're looking for a simple, home recording.

once you get it connected, all you need is a recording program, of which there are plenty of free ones, and of course, ones you have to pay for, which you'll find are well worth the money if you're willing to spend it. they'll give you a cleaner, more professional sound.

some high edge recording programs, such as protools, provide you with hardware, in which case you will not need to buy any seperately.

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