hey im gonna buy a guitar, im just wondering if i should get a Parker P44 with a fishman, or a Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium. I play classic rock, blues, some hard rock etc.

Just wondering what you all think
i would get the parker because right now it seems like they can do no wrong (in my eyes) You might want to try the p44 pro, its got a better tremolo, seymour duncans, and its better looking in my opinion.
Plus the Parker has the piezo p-up. Meaning you can do some acoustic sounds without the acoustic.
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i'd go completely for the Parker. more versatile, imo.
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wait... What is your amp... It says princetone 65 watts in your gear, but are you speaking of the new ones? dude you're not going to get awesome tones without an awesome amp... thats 70 percent of the tone!

Budget and are you playing with a band or not?