Okay, what I was going for here is a dialogue between metal and blues-- an argument perhaps. But also a gradual movement toward a fusion between the two schools, as you'll find in the end (I hope). Anyway, be nice: this is my first recording. There are a couple unavoidable annoyances, but I'd appreciate a solid critique. I'll be sure to get you back! Under my profile, working title "Leonidas." Thanks.
I like the riffs, but there are so many of them that I almost get lost and lose interest. Also, the little solo bits go out of rhythm.

The tone is nice, and the beat is nice though. Personally, I would cut it down to maybe, 2 or 3(if I'm bold, but just a little part) riffs instead of how many you had. You might just got something there.
The first thirty seconds of the song I didn't care for too much, but once it got to around :31 it got much better. Some of your lead bits coming out a rhythm seemed a bit empty because there wasn't a rhythm going underneath it, but you were probably meaning for it to be this way. I'm not sure if you ever planned on adding vocals to it but in the way you have it now I don't really see it working just because of all the leads. The transition into the slower part around 2:30 could probably be done better but the riff itself is alright, doesn't really fit the song that well though but that could just be because of the transition. The transition back into the faster pats around 3:13 didn't work too well either but your solo is probably the best part of the song. I didn't like the outro too much with the two lead guitars doing different parts just because it sounded extremely random. You have some good stuff in here, I'd work with transitions just to make it run smoother though.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=836418 If you could do any of the songs on there besides "A Lost Cause" I'd really appreciate it, thanks.
Haha this song really reminds me of what its like when me and my roomate mess around and jam together. Im into metal and hes a total blues guitarist so it always ends up sounding something like this. I enjoyed it a lot. I dont know how far a whole fusion project like this could go but as a one off little jam thing I think its pretty cool. Good job man.

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