Soo .. I'm moving out soon from my parents and I don't do a lot of guitar practice at the moment though I definately have the desire too.

I'm gonna start praticing a lot more when I move out, 2 hours a dayish.

I was wondering what might help me other than the internet .. i.e. Books or DVD's ..

Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with some books or DVD's they thought were useful?
Practicing aids

Sorry, but

I'd get a comprehensive book like guitar for dummies, it covers pretty much everything.
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Where are you at now in your guitar playing? Like what do you know already, we can't help until you tell us that.
Seriously though.

Get yourself a metronome. If you don't have a scale book, the get one. Hal Leonard has a book called Everything You Want to Know About Guitar Theory but Were Afraid to Ask. Buy it. Get a simple recorder, a four track or something. Hearing yourself play, or hearing how your playing sounds to other people is pretty helpful. If you live in an apartment, get a practice amp with a headphone out. Get a cheap acoustic and leave it out of its case. Play it constantly, when you're watching TV or looking out the window.

One more thing. Do a google search for songanator. You'll find a chord progression tool. That way you can bypass creativity and go straight into writing songs.
John petrucci's rock discipline is quite good.
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That oughta do it.

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