THe song is by me and a friend. I play guitar he plays drums. I like the 2nd half better to me the timing is right on. Tell me what u like and dislike.
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its really a hard to tell but i think its the drums that are off time. Tighten it up and add lyrics and it'll be a decent little tune.

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Yea the drums are definately off time. Try recording to a metronome click track that should solve that problem.

Other than that, not bad. I think it needs to be expanded a little bit, add in some different riffs to break the monotony, and throw some vocals down on it. Keep workin at it man!

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nice intro riff and drumming pattern is sound good, the drums can be turned up a fraction not to much just a tad,

The riffs sound nice and the idea and composition sound good it should have vocals at some stage and once there added the song should be extended

The mix of the drums sound real good that snare was tops

overall its a good lil song, just keep working at it and soon it would be awesome nice work mate