How conscientious are you about the decisions you make?

Some people make alcohol an excuse for doing stupid things i.e. cheating. Some reason that they're in a rough patch and need something to "let the emotion out." But really, these people are just slaves of temptation.

Do you stick up for your principles when giving in to temptation is the easier choice?
Or do you say "screw it" and say you'll do right next time when clearly you know you won't?

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Well I often try and make a conscious decision when buying chocolate, and argue with myself whether I really, really want it. Same goes for late-night pizza runs.

As for things like cheating/flirting outrageously when drunk, I don't buy that crap. People know what they're doing and what they're not allowed to do, even when ****faced. No excuse.
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I try to be conscientious about my decisions, but sometimes I slip up (I overeat just a tad).
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I hate it when people use "Oh I was WASTED" as an excuse for doing something completely stupid, like your example - cheating. *Facepalm*

I inititally regret stupid things, but then I get over it and take it as a lesson well learnt.

Also, i get these random temptaions all the time like a while back I felt like poking the guy in subway in the eye. Luckily, I never.
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I'm only conscious of what i do if its serious. If not....
you get the point
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even after kicking them, drugs are still my biggest temptation. never do them, and whether people believe it or not pot is a gateway drug so please be careful. (not trying to be to
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I'm always conscious of what I do...yet I keep doing stupid things all the time. I just don't think about consequences.