Zoom: G2.1u

or digitech rp350

I'm looking for a good multi-effects pedal
i usually play Punk Rock Alternative Rock, greenday,mcr etc

which is better?

Meh, multieffects pedals aren't too great for overdrive effects.

Just get analog pedals.
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I second going for analog pedals, youll get better sound.

If you must go digital and multi-FX try the two out at a guitar center or something and see which you like best, everyone has their own pref.

Also keep an eye out for a used Yamaha Magicstomp, they are great multi FX pedals for the price, I use one in my studio every day.
Normally I'm very picky when it comes to audio and I normally get bored with same sounds quickly but I just never get bored with this magicstomp, it really sounds great.
Seriously, multi effects are for the dogs. Digitech Whammy is the only multi "effect" I can think of worth anything.
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