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Xbox 360
25 57%
9 20%
10 23%
Voters: 44.
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can't post a poll inside of a thread can I?

There was a thread like this back in January that got closed. Also, this a a versus thread, which is against the rules.

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kill yourself to the **** thread

Get the 360 it has about the bet online play out of all 3
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I may as well answer. I have a 360 and a Wii. A year ago I would have said 360 because of the game library. Now I would have to say the PS3 because it has caught up to the 360 with games.

Online gaming is not a factor to me. I cannot stand the dick-headedness of people these days to play online.
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360 for one reason and one reason alone....

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ps3, because of mgs4.
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There was a thread like this back in January that got closed. Also, this a a versus thread, which is against the rules.

There's a thread like this almost every other day.

Oh, and PS3
Own a PS3?
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360 for one reason and one reason alone....


If you had said Dead Rising then I would almost be inclined to agree with you.
Own a PS3?

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Screw the PS3. Yeah, its got a good processor and whatnot, but its $600 bucks and teh 360 gives you way better games for less than half the price.
xbox 360 will break!!

Like the PS3 has never broken? And Like it doesnt have a warranty for that exact reason?
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one will complain about the legality of ones thread then one will post in ones thread. the hypocrisy!
ps3 has **** graphics compared to the 360.
I have a 360, and a ps3. COD 4 looks WAY better on the 360.
I advise you get a 360 for the games, live, controls, and grahpics.
It's also way cheaper too.

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Honestly, it really depends on what games you want.

360 offers FPS games and... Not much else (In regards to exclusive games). Don't get me wrong. They're great. Bioshock, Halo, and Gears of War are a definite must for a 360 collection.360's are great overall. They're very much like computers in console form. Although, be wary of the 33% failure rate among all 360s. It has a great game selection and a lot of media options.

PS3's are still a little on the green side. By that I mean that because it's using Blu-Ray, developers aren't as welcoming to the new format. Although, now it's catching up to the game and has a lot of promising games arriving. Games like MGS4 (which I've waited YEARS for, along with every other MGS fan), Killzone 2 (which looks amazing), and Little Big Planet (a childish concept for such a "mature" console) are all coming up, showing that the PS3's diversity in terms of game library. Playing online is free too! Still some kinks to work out though, but in the end, it'll be great.

The Wii is great fun. Sure, a lot of the games are party games and most other Wii titles aren't so great, however, there are jewels in the rough. Brawl is out, one of the most fun multiplayer games out there, Metroid Prime 3 shows what the Wii can accomplish and various other games. Online is rather klunky and shares a case with the PS3. It's an entirely new concept and developers just need more time figuring out how to get the potential flowing.

That's really it.
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ps3. xbox 360 will break!!

Then you get a new one/fixed
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Depends if you think that something looking more realistic makes it more fun or not.



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The 360 pwns the ps3 in terms of exclusive titles. At least last time I checked.

The vast majority of the really good games that are on the PS3 are also on the 360 which can be bought for like $200 less with the exception of Resistance: Fall of Man and MGS4. The are more than that but that's all i can pull from the top of my head.

As for the Wii. It's damn good fun and Super Smash Bros. Brawl is pretty much the most awesome game i've played in a while, but I still wouldn't say it's the best.

So I gotta go with the 360