I'm thinking about getting a Boss Me-50 one of these days.

I have a question for those who tried it. How is the quality using a good set of headphones? I practice only at home, and since there are times when I have to practice quietly or at night, I hoped it sounds decent with headphones.

I already have a pocket pod and some computer modeling software, but I also want to see how good the ME-50 is.
It's pretty good, but it depends on the quality of your headphones really. I'd definitely take it over the pod.

But I'd think it'd be strange to go straight into one with headphones since it lacks amp modeling and is basically just a collection of stomp boxes. So you really can't EQ the thing the way you would be able to a Boss GT-8 or a POD or anything that features amp modeling.

You could of course EQ it with the OD/distortion settings, but that seems a roundabout and awkward way of doing it.

Personally I use a Boss Micro BR for my practicing. Doesn't have nearly the array of effects that a Me-50 or a GT-8 or any multi-fx pedal, but it's a 4 track recorder, so I can record backing tracks to practice over, plus it's got a metronome or drum patterns. I think it's the perfect thing for at home practice.
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it sounds good to me thru headphones, obviously not as good as through an amp, but its still quite good. Ive had mine for 2 years now, and I quite like it.

and on further reading, a bit +1 to everything the fine gent above me said. If you have good phones, it makes it alot better.
As the saying goes, 'jack of all trades, master of none'. If you just need good tone for headphone/low volume practice buy Guitar Rig, Amplitube or a Pod instead.

If you need a large variety of effects to use onstage, and you're not too concerned about sound quality, the ME-50 is fine.