So Lately I've been getting tired of the standard and E tuning and drop D, and want to play in lower tunings, like two steps down, or A flat. However I realized very quickly that my guage strings just aren't gonna get down their. Things get flappy, and it's not good.

So my question which guage strings would best fit me and would it be alright for my guitar? I have an old startup guitar and the head is kinda starting to pull forward. Would thicker strings make this worse? Or would the lower tuning alleviate it somewhat? Or would it have no effect? I have a gibson x-plorer but I don't want to change the tuning because I practice all my scales and **** on that one.

I would greatly appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance.
you can adjust the truss rod and get rid of the bowing, and then I'd reccommend about .10 or .11 guage strings depending on how much give you like in your strings. I'm in drop A# and I use .11 with a .70 top string on my esp but that's just my personal preference. I do alot of trem picking so I need the little extra stiffness.
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Well the higher gauge strings will be about the same tension because of the lower tuning. I think a truss rod adjustment for the headstock problem and making the nut slots bigger for the thicker strings.
Thanks for the replies.

One more question, would changing from a low tuning like C or A flat to E and then back every now and then be bad for the guitar?