Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys .9-.46 i think
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Ernie Ball Slinky's, medium.
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10s-12s should work for C standard, depending on how you like the feel. 10s will be loose, 12s, will be tighter

I use 10s but I'm usually in Drop D
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Ernie's balls
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Ernie Ball Power Slinkies. I've tried Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom, Regulars, Not Evens, Beefy, Hybrid... But Powers are by far the best.
Well I use D'Addario Chromes .10-.48 or sumthin like that on my old guitar w/ a Strat type bridge. I use D'Addario Super Steels .09-.42 on my S520EX.

I drop C-ed w/ the chromes and it worked well. It wasn't loose or anything. I got a fairly clean sound.
DR Pure Nickel .011-.050, for standard and/or Eb standard. If I were going to tune down to C I'd go with at least 12's, more likely 13s or 14s depending on what I could get that still had unwound G strings.

I used to use Pure Nickel .012-.052 but the wound G string couldn't take the bends and coiled up on itself, making it like barbed wire.
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GHS Boomers Super Steel strings custom set:

.13/.18/.24w/.38/.48/.63 (the .48 and .63 are bass strings)

Not your typical soloing set of strings, but they can handle just about and drop tuning out there on my Baritone which is what I use it for.

for C-standard tuning, I would probably use 11's or 12's (12's if you want no buzz at all), but buzzing can become a problem to do your truss rod on occasions, your action, or your fret height.
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Im using 10's for my 6'er which is tuned to BEADF#B and it works fairly well, but not great, im picking up a pair of 11's 2nite
I don't realy feel the difference between brands (As long as there the same guage of course) However, do Daddario's seem more durable than cheaper brands.
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Can anyone actually notice a difference between brands?

Dean Markley- Horrible sounding to me and break easily
Ernie Ball Slinkies- Nice tone and lasted not too long
Ernie Ball Stainless steel- Even better tone(my opinion) and lasted even better
Elixer- Similar in tone to the ernie ball slinkies, but last a hell of a lot longer

and just to throw another brand in from experience

Stagg- Crap tone, don't hold tune well and feel bad, but they lasted ok
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Can anyone actually notice a difference between brands?

I used to use Ernie Ball Super then Regular Slinkies, but I moved onto Rotosounds which are made in England, quite close to where I live, actually . My Cort has Regular Slinkies cos they were sold out of Rotos at the time, my Squier has Roto Yellows and my Ibanez is strung with Roto British Steels, which are stainless steel strings. They're all 10s, but I only notice a difference between the 'normal' nickel strings and the stainless ones on the Ibanez. For me, it doesn't really matter what strings I use, but I seem to prefer Rotos, cos most of them throw in a free extra first string! Deal!


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