Alright, so I have a Vox Valvatronix AD50, and its a great amp, exept for the problem of sustain. Whenever I hold a note, It holds clean for about 5 seconds, but then instead of fading out smoothly, the note crackles out for another 2 or 3 secondsfor the first year or so, it didnt really bother me, as I was playing mostly short notes, but lately, I've been playing more long held chords and notes past the 5 second mark, and the crakling is really bothering me. Is there some setting I can use (without increasing my volume) to take away this crackle? Or is this a problem thats inherint to the Vox AD series/ solid state amps in general? P.S. if possible, i would like to not buy anything new for my amp, as I hope to but a new amp by christmas, and I really dont want to buy any new pedal ect. that I'll never use again once I get a new amp.
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