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Drop D
14 12%
Standard E
48 41%
Drop C
14 12%
Half-Step Down from E
21 18%
Old Spanish
1 1%
0 0%
0 0%
Open C
1 1%
2 2%
17 14%
Voters: 118.
from strings 1-6 its B, F#, D, A, E, A.

sounds nice and meaty with thick strings, not sure if it has a name. i have only actually played in that tuning maybe 4 times, though.
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Would D Standard be in other? Or does it have a special name I'm not aware of... Haha.
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I like the low tone you get when you tune it down to C# Standard or the really, really low tone of B Standard. Sounds awesome!
^, i'm to the D standard and a half step down from E, although i've not composed songs with that tunings, i use to compose in standard E, but i'm planning to use them
I'd have to say drop D. You gotta love bar chording!

I play in Drop C and Drop B a lot, but I will go to Standard E tuning.

I didnt see Drop B there, so I voted Drop C.
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e, b, f#, f#, F#, F# F# tuning for me
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Eb all the way.

Though, once I get a second humbucking guitar, probably be in drop D.
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Standard for me. I experiment with all tunings, but I usually stick with standard.
I'm almost always in D standard, but my acoustic floats between E standard and DADGAD all th time.

I'd say D standard is the best tuning ever, just always keep a capo handy.
Drop-B, but drop-C is close enough to vote on.
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Voted Standard E, though I use Eb, double-drop-D and D Standard tuning all the time too.
I nearly always use standard, but I sometimes use Eb standard. However, yesterday I tried drop D in Eb so Db Ab Db Gb Bb eb. It was awesome. Like drop D but better. I wrote some pretty cool sounding song.
I chose other because there was no thing for D Standard.

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Isn't Open C the same thing as Drop C?

No. Open C is CGCGCE
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Standard E and Open C - coz this one sounds heavy, yet I like standard because it's between the high and low notes that I need
7 String Standard E, Eb, and D

6 String Standard E, Eb, D, C, B, and Drop A
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6 string: E, Eb and D are my favourites.
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I use and like drop-C, down half-step from standard, and all the strings tuned down one whole step and depending on my string guage i use drop-B
I love Drop C. I understand why I'm using it though. I do like to chug during songs but also I love playing low scales. Such as C Major Lydian in Drop C sounds so awesome IMO. But I will say I love going back to standard for a month or two. So I don't believe Drop C is more "metal" then standard tuning, but if you use it right it has the capabilities of being more metal.

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i use standard, i have a floyd rose trem so i don't drop tune :0

i also like CGCGCC on acoustic, its awesome

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for my band i came in and said The tunings i play in are d and hsd Iis that ok So ive been making songs in those tunings for 3 months
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Standard E, but I enjoy playing in Half Step Down, Drop D and D tuning.
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for my band i came in and said The tunings i play in are d and hsd Iis that ok So ive been making songs in those tunings for 3 months

This is damn near impossible to decipher.
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This is damn near impossible to decipher.

Not really.

"For my band, I came in and said: The tunings I play in are D and Half-Step-Down, is that okay? So I've been making songs in those tunings for 3 months."