I am seriously curious about this. I don't want flames, but if you are going to flame, make it interesting and worth being read. So don't be a dumb ass, and say just because. Give actual reasons. Use your brain. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot, or has already been done.
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wrong place
but ppl dont like em because their different and their not like them
its just like y ppl hate gays and stuff
I think it is just because there are SOOOO many emo/goth/WHATEVER you want to call it bands out there that they are just tired of it.
well personally, i think some emo lyrics are fine, just meaning lyrics the show more emotion than a normal song would, but lyrics like hawthorne heights "slit my wrists and black my eyes" are pretty stupid in my opinion. i like their music alright (even though a lot of hawthorne heights sounds the same) but i don't really want to listen about someone slitting their wrists and putting on eye liner like a girl.
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i have no problem with them. people just sterotype
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