Bassist needs an amp.

Needs something with versatility from like hardcore stuff to even like pop stuff i guess.

I'm not very familiar with bass amps so thats why I came here.

His budget is 800 to 900.

And yes we are expected to play shows some big ones too. So need something thats gig worthy he already has a little practice amp at home just needs one for shows.
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800 to 900 USD sorry
Schecter C-1 Plus (Emg 81/85)
ESP/LTD Viper 400
Bugera 6262 Head
Marshall 1960A Cab
Bad Monkey OD
ISP Decimator
check out carvin and avatar. both have the best reputation with value.

great amp with tons of versatility. just look at all those knobs and a graphic equalizer. and power to spare.

you'll have to click bass cabs at the top.

the 4x10 is rated at 1000watts rms so it can handle the 800watts it would get in 8ohm bridge mode. and you can add another cab later to go up to the 1200 watts in 4 ohm bridge mode. i don't suggest the avatar 2x12 though because it's only rated at 500 watts and even in the 4 ohm bridge it's getting 600. always good to have headroom in your cabinets.
note: if you get the avatar cab make sure you get it in 8 ohms as you do have a choice.

of course if he only wants a 4x10 this cab can handle the whole 1200 watts but it's more expensive than what he's got by a bit.


EDIT: just noticed the carvin head and avatar 4x10 comes out to 1000USD. but it's well worth it and won't have to be replaced...ever. it might be replaced some day but it won't HAVE to be replaced.

RE-EDIT: make sure that you notice that both of those 4x10s are built to better handle the low frequency so you should get plenty of low end even though they're 10"ers and not 15 or 18". the only question is wether the avatar cab has a speak-on connector since i'm pretty sure the bridge mode can only be used with speakon cables. i think it does but it doesn't say. just email them and that will answer the question.
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Peavey has always been known to be very versatile in its tone, in nearly everything it makes.(minus the just-for-metal guitar heads) I'd at least give it a try.
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Hiwatt arn't bad but i just got rid of mine for a Roland Cube - Love the cube because you have so many built in options for other model amps...
All great suggestions above! The good news is, your bass player has a lot to choose from. The bad news is, he has a lot to choose from!

I'm assuming you guys are gigging and need something fairly roadworthy yet still not overly cumbersome.

My suggestion to many bass players of many styles, and especially someone who plays a range from hardcore to pop, would be Gallien-Krueger's 800RB or 1001RB.

Depending on where you are, they can be found on Craigslist right in your bassist's budget. Tje 1001RB has a few more features but the 800RB is a little simpler in its technology (no fan, etc.). Both built like tanks, and both will probably be plenty loud for what you do.

The 1001RB does have a Direct Out in front that sound guys LOVE!