Do you guys think its a good idea to not go to college with a few of your friends. Me and a couple friends don't want to have more school right after school. We kinda want to just move into an apartment and have normal jobs and stuff. How hard is this and are there many disadvantages to waiting to go to college?

EDIT: I do want to go to college, just not at first. I want to be an English or history teacher.
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if you got a scholorship already to a college you lose it. thats the main one i can think of
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Just go to college for a little and see if you like it. I find college to be awesome plus it will be easier to get a job but then again college isn't for anyone. 2 of my friends didn't go and they're doing fine. It's pretty much up to you.
good luck actually going to college after that. i thought about doing that but i figured that the odds of me actually going to college afterwards were slim to none
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I can imagine if you wait long enough, things will be a lot more awkward... meaning everyone around you will be quite younger and you'd feel out of place. Not to mention the fact you'll be out of the habit of studying.
If you can get a job that starts a career (if you want one) doing what you love, with the qualifications that you have, then college isn't essential. But if you know that the industry you want to go into may require a diploma or degree of some sort, it could be a good idea to go to college.
Bad idea if you actually want to do something with your life, its best to start early and get it over with.

You'll be surprised at the things you will forget over a year of not being in school.
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sure, go ahead and do it. but you might never go back.
I have no opinion on this matter.
most people wont go to college if they take a year off... even if they say they are going to.
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I think it's fine if you want to wait on college, and if you find something you love to do that doesn't need it, then it's not necessary. But if you don't, you'll probably need to go to college, and it may be awkward. Also, after a while of living without school, you will probably want to go even less than you did right out of HS.
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I've also wanted to be a chef and I know that you don't HAVE to go to culinary school to become one. So I could work at restaurants and work my way towards it.
Don't procrastinate. You'll never end up going.
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Everyone saying if he takes some time off he won't go is being ridiculous. If he takes time off and decides he likes it then yeah, he won't go, but in that particular case wouldn't that be the best option?

I took a semester off right after High School, and it sucked. A lot. I worked my ass off in a crappy dead-end job and smoked enough weed to put down an elephant. It sucked. That being said, I'm now far more dedicated to college than I ever would have been before.

If you're gonna spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for school, you'd better be damn sure you want to go through with it.
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