Yes, I have the money. No, I don't need another amp. But, I have teh GAS sooo bad. Also, I was pumping some serious Brad Paisley leads through this thing with my 52 Tele in the store. It was orgasmic.
buy it. then post some clips
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DONT DO IT MAN!!!!!!!!!

FOR GODS SAKE NO!!!!!!!!!!
Aww who am i fvcking kidding, buy it.
if you have the money, and enjoy playing it.. then FOR ****S SAKE buy the sexy thing!
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If you buy it, it will crush your soul and eat you.

Then burn down your house and consume the world.

But it'll sound great as it does it, so buy it!

i want it soo bad! buy it and send it to me!
Dude I'm sorry. I can't find a reason not to buy it. So buy it.

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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.

just buy it.

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