I come to you here today as president of bring back the music, a non-profit organization based near Dear, MI. Our purpose is to put guitars into the hands of homeless/underprivelaged children. We started as a small group out of our high school but the school re-voked our use of there facilities so now we work out of our homes. We bring guitar lessons to children throughout detroit and we are hoping to expand soon. We currently have 2 active teachers and 3 other people including myself that run things best we can but we are coming to dead ends.

What we do is give the students so many lessons then we make them feel special by putting them through a graduation ceremony where we get them there own guitar and we make them a certificate and put on a nice show for them.

Well while we were based in the school we were donated a dozen un-opened first act guitars and those have been given away, and we pooled our money to buy an autistic child a bass guitar he always wanted.

We love seeing the smiles on these childrens faces as they learn something that makes them feel important and gives them joy in life. The problem we are at is we have now come to a complete dead end. We no longer have guitars for the children, we have 2 electric guitars for the children to practice on but that is all and we have 2 students that may vary well be considered up for "graduation" soon.

I ask you being a guitar based community, do any of you have an old guitar that is dusting on your walls? In your closet? In your garage? anywhere? That you would give to a child who has never before owned something as nice as this?

I am just asking for help on this matter because we do not wish to have to fold as an organization, nor do we want to tell the children we can no longer give you guitars. I am going to guitar stores and retail stores near my location to see if they will help but so far, to no luck.

Again, please help if you can. Send me a p.m. if you have questions or wish to try and help.

Thank You,
Bring Back the Music

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