I started playing Guitar Hero, and once my imagination fuel ran short, I wanted to play a real guitar, so how about you guys?
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My stepfather had a great Takamine acoustic around the house, and I decided to give it a go.
I heard my dad listening to Europa by Santana and it had a huge impact on me so i asked my dad to buy me a guitar
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I saw James Hetfield live...

That sparked it, right then and there.
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All of my aunts and uncles play guitar, so does my dad, and so does my brother. So I decided... why not?

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ive wanted to play guitar since i was 3. but i only started taking lessons about a 2years ago.

wen i was 3 my dad bought me an acoustic that i loved to just mess around with, the strings broke 1 day but then a few years later i listened to some music with really good guitar players and it inspired me to start playing
I wanted to play drums, but they were too damn expensive. So I grabbed my dad's old bass (that had three strings) and dicked around on that. For my next birthday, I was given a six string acoustic and I've been shredding ever since
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lmfao school, i decided to play bass. but after the years it was ****ing worth it
I honestly have no idea lol, but my parents were cool enough to give into my begging of a guitar for Christmas 3 years ago and boom here I am now, shredding faces and melting my guitar !!!!!1 omg!!!!11
I was over at a friends house a few years back and he was playing bass. It looked boring so I decided a guitar was a better buy for me.
dad plays it, i took it in school.
i started taking it seriously after last summer and seeing muse, frank vignola and the white stripes (not at the same time mind you) collectively inspired the crap out of me.
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I saw James Hetfield live...

That sparked it, right then and there.


I remember the song was "One" too.
My grandpa's acoustic wasn't getting played, so I gave it a go, and went to MXtabs and then found this site short thereafter and left MX.

Good riddance.

But yeah, all that happened four years ago.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Saw this sweet kid at a summer camp in middle school playing, he was ****ing sick.

Right then I decided I wanted to play guitar.
stayed home sick one day from school and i got really bored...so i picked up my brothers guitar ...i then faked sick for the rest of the week so i could stay home and play
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a few buddies and i put together a "band" and were assigned parts. i was assigned lead guitar, and i thought they were all being serious. so i bought a guitar and spent 99.9% of my time on it. still do. and this time, ive got a real band.
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one of my good friends' brothers was a guitar player for a local band and i figured i'd give it a shot.
i was running around in circles then i bumped my head, fell out of the window onto the concrete... i woke up a few minutes later....i was naked!!....wierd huh....well i didnt think much of...so then i walked 20 miles to guitar center..still naked but i was dazzed so it didnt faze me.....walked inside found the guitar i want... i was about to grab it then all of a sudden three police men ran inside and grabbed me and took me away....that is how i got started
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I put my balls inside the sound hole and strummed myself to ectasy

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Listening to catchy AILD Riffs + having an old acoustic + some random ho mistaken that I played guitar at the time and saying how hot guitarists are = me learning guitar

but it turned out to be something that i absolutely adore and do ALL for myself
I don't know why, but I get angry when I see someone who got into guitar because of Guitar Hero.
Personally, I got into it when I was about eight, but I didn't really give it much thought after a few weeks, though it was always in the back of my mind. I started seriously about a year ago.
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started wanting to play drums when i was in sixth grade. so i took personal lessons for about 6 months before giving up. then i heard steve vai play "For The Love of God".

so i picked up my acoustic that i bought a year before. haven't stopped playing since.
My band, for which i previously played keyboard, needed a bass player. I gladly switched.
My brother and dad both play...
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