Should I buy a dunlop cry original wah wah or a Vox reissue
Because I need a new wah after me morely wah became broken and started making a hi pitch squeel sound.
Ive messed around with my buddys Vox wah and it was pretty good, though it wasnt the reissue wah though. Thats about all ive got. Also apparently the crybaby isnt as good? from what ive heard. Theres better out there for sure. I think i heard Fulltone had a good wah. Though, im not really a wah person or enthusiast so i dont know that much about them, so hopefully somebody else can tell ya.
what style of music? vox is going to be better for bluesy or classic rock stuff, and one of the better dunlops will be better for heavier stuff. do a search for the ultimate wah thread to find out more about some different models.