Hey guys! you may or may not remember me posting about my band on here a ways back.

So for those who don't know, my band is called The Uninspired, were from the suburbs of Philadelphia and we play really super fun ska/punk music! Some people say we sound alot like Less Than Jake, so if you like them you'll probably like us. Actually if you like ska in general you might like us. Which gives you more reason to go listen to us on myspace!

Anyway what i was getting at is that we have 3 shiny new songs 100% baked fresh from the studio for your audio consumption!

So if you wanna go head over to www.myspace.com/theuninspired and go listen that'd be grrreaaat!

And for anyone who just read that long winded speech.....good job
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i honestly love your band, bro you guys should be signed, you reamind me alot of less than jake and goldfinger
Wow man, I'm not exaggerating, you guys are pretty awesome! I'm particularly loving 'Train of Thought'. Keep goin' guys, I'll add you as a friend. Unfortunately, I live in England so I'll never be able to get to your shows.

But hey, if you make it big come tour over here lol!
Thanks so much guys, definitely add us on myspace if you get the chance, or even comment us if your feeling saucy.
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