Hey do you guys know any songs for guitar that cound kinda celtic or medieval if you know what i mean :P Post some names or tabs
"Its not how many years you are playing its how many hours"
uhh, try "mist" by the john butler trio. about the most celtic thing ive heard in a while.
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Stairway to heaven?

Fail, i mean songs that come from that time period or that are tabbed from a different instrument for a guitar
"Its not how many years you are playing its how many hours"
I don't know how old Greensleeves is but it sure sounds medieval!

You may have to get lute tabs since they didn't have guitars back then (that should be fine though - even if you have to make a key adjustment).

Just from googling...

This site seems really special, and the man/musician who created it does as well. The oldest one I could find (1300's) is the 14th century one under "Italian." He says you can email him for the music:


(Remember that true medieval music *should* really be before the 1500's although some consider the 1500's to still be medieval. I think it goes from something like 450 to 1450, but I usually think of more like 1,000 to 1400 (but that's just me!).

Some more links:





Depending upon how serious you are, you may want to consider spending some money to open up your horizons as to what pieces and tools are available to you...

As of a year or so, probably more, I've been a paid member of this network:


To be fair, you "pay" for the lute tablature software that he's developed, which is very powerful in its own right, but this initial payment includes a HUGE database of lute tablature, much of which is easily adapted to guitar and which fits perfectly into the categories you're looking for.

I know not most people would look into this because it's about 80 dollars, but i figure i'd try
My God, it's full of stars!
Hmm yea i found some good stuff that i might use, thanks
"Its not how many years you are playing its how many hours"
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May I recommend Simon Fox?


Pretty amazing stuff IMO. I'm still trying to get this down.

That's nice, only it's not medieval. Maybe it's supposed to sound celtic? Ah well, I'm going off to bed...I'm just being a pain!
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