Hey, I just added 3 new songs to the myspace at the bottom of my page, the tracks are "Bright Lights" which I recorded a couple days ago by myself, then "LC dub" and "Sharks Suck" I recorded with my friend about 4 days ago. Let me know what you think and I'll look at yours too.
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bright lights

Nice delay effect on the guitar it sounds like its a big void feeling, like open spaces sort of thing

there are two themes going on here the main theme plays then a new theme will come in before returning to the opening theme

good technique

nice basic little song with some really good ideas used nice job

Sharks suck

Funky little rhythm section that is repeated most of the way if not all the way
i pick up there are at least 3-4 guitars playing at any giving time making my ears search for individual parts and isolating which is cool

there strumming section comes in as one of the main themes,

i feel u should turn one of lead ones up a bit more, so they can be more deciphered andheard

are u improvising the lead?? cause if so there are some real good licks and some where ur like what should i do next if that makes sense lol

overall these songs do have really good ideas and ur composition and style is unique and great keep it up

really nicely done mate good job
thanks man, sharks suck is actually just one guitar though lol. and yeah everything on that page is improvised. I'll be re-recording most of the things on that page soon.
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Bright Lights - Cool delay stuff you've got on over their. Seems well thought out - can almost hear like 3rd harmonies on nearly every note. Good stuff.

Sharks suck - woah - awsome stuff. love the funk lines, keeps me hooked

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Thanks guys. Bright lights was actually improvised, the harmonies just work because I stay in key the whole time and the notes of the scale layer up.
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Really like the delay work on Bright lights, it's reminiscent of the kind of harmonic layering Miles Davis does on In A Silent Way, obviously with you doing it with a guitar, as opposed to a band.

Really cool rhythm to Sharks Suck, and you've got some nice Princey funk guitar work, good choppy stuff. Some of the lead ideas are great, if you were to spend some time constructing a song out of it, you'd have plenty of material to develop. Great guitar playing.
The only negative is that because you're working over the same bass riff, it gets a tad repetitive, but as a basis to come up with ideas over, it's great.

Nice arpeggios on LC dub, again great layering with the delay, and the arpeggios sound interesting, again just a bit repetitive.

If you spend some time crafting some songs out of the great ideas you've laid down, I'd definitely be interested in hearing the results.

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Yeah thanks for the compliments man, I'm working on getting everything together within the next couple weeks. Also I wasn't using any delay on LC dub.
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