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Floyd Rose/Edges and such
20 57%
15 43%
Voters: 35.
Ok this is a thread is put your opioion up about bridges.
Its either between string thrus/Tune-o-matic or Floyd Roses/Edges and such

Persinally I see the advantages of both>
One you can add awesome effects to the music and the other is use for incredible sustane.
So.....go i guess
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i prefer a floyd rose...but i also like being able to change tunings quickly and easily..so that's why i keep at least one of each
floyd rose
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tune o matic
floyd roses are just a hassle
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i like both but i like tune-o-matics best

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crate combo (not sure wat series right now)
boss md-2 and metal distortion and tu-2
<3boss fr the win<3
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one of each
but preferrably Floyds
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Even though I voted for FR, T-o-M is pretty reliable. Watch guitars with OFR or Edge (original or lo-pro) or Schallers, they are ace and the hardware is extremely hi-grade.
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I prefer the ease of use with the TOM bridge over the hassle of an OFR.
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yeah i like floyd roses but i need a guitar to put in different tunings so ive got both.
I prefer tune-o-matics over just about any other bridge, personally.
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