I am in need of some assistance UG

I am currently somewhat contempt with my decent practice rig:

ESP LTD Viper 400
Epi LP Standard
Roland Cube 60

What should I get next? I'm debating on whether or not to replace the stock pickups of my epiphone les paul with different pickups, or to get a tube amp first.
A valve amp will improve your tone much more than a change of pickups will. Do you have a budget yet? What kind of music do you play?
I don't have a budget yet. I have no money at the moment. I'm just taking recommendations for when I do get some cash.

I play mostly metal, nu-metal and metalcore, with the occasional modern and classic rock.
A decent metal setup could be around $500, for a valve amp and overdrive like an EHX Metal Muff.
or you could probably find a used 5150 for 500
no overdrives or distortions will be neccesary with a 5150.
it has more gain then you could imagine.
but if you use cleans a lot (i dont) this isnt the amp for you.
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