so im interested in learning the drums too, i already play guitar and i hav a drum set so i might as well put it to use

what are some good songs to get started with?
preferrably classic rock

EDIT: im checkin the search bar rite now, no luck
some Rush?

I hear thats pretty easy



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No Thats Nottttttt Rush Is Hard!1!!1!!

but yea try we will rock you by queen
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but then again, the beat to soothsayer is awesome.

edit: its by buckethead btw.
an incredible beat.
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if you want to learn drums

i sugeest you start off with trying to sight read
simple drum beats and start learning how to read music

and some easy thing to try and learn

Rock n roll-LEd Zeppelin
Dyer Maker-Led Zeppelin
We will Rock You-Queen
Were Not Going to Take it-Twisted Sisters
Rocket Queen-GNR
Quote by jakewynnrocks
rock and roll by led zeppelin is an awesome one....

Dude thats actually one of the hardest songs to play correctly. Actually most led zeppelin songs are difficult but if you want to start out with zeppelin try "when the levee breaks".
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acdc has the simplest drums ive heard
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try any music made between 1980 and 1989. i would highly suggest lessons too.
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start listening to the Beatles. Ringo will teach you how to drum.
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i wasnt joking about the buckethead song i suggested earlier, just to let u kno

listen to it.