so i've been thnking its about time to upgrade my amp, but being the noob that i am i need some input from people who know more.

first i was looking at the marshall MG series, but after hereing mixed reviews of them I got a bit weary. also, i was kinda looking for a a tube amp anyways. Since i know next to nothing about different brands of amps i was wondering if anybody could help me in finding a tube amp that costs about the same as the marshall mg.

As a side note i play just about anything from the stones to metallica and I was kinda looking at getting a half stack instead of a combo if its possible.
if anything you can always buy the vox tonelab, its a processor with a tube in it so it produces tube tones but u dont need a tube amp.
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but really, how much are you willing to spend, what kinda music do you like to play, how serious are you about playing?
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lately guitar dominates all my free time, so thats not an issue. the MG was about $600 so i'd be willing to pay about $100-200 more than that to get a better amp if thats what it costs. not that i wouldn't pay more if actually had money, but i already had to go in dept with my folks to upgrade my axe.

As for sound, I'm tyring to get a sound kind of like randy rhodes from blizzard, but not so i guess the answer for that would be more of a metal amp, but i do play a lot of hard rock to so keep that in mind.
do you play a good amount of clean stuff too? like are good/alrite cleans something you'd like as well?

blues junior won't do you very well w/ what ur wanting i know that.

i'm thinking a traynor might be what ur looking for to get a nice marshall tone.
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