Hey Pit,

My college is hosting an open air festival in which I am performing with a blues band and a old school metal cover band.

However I was supposed to audition with TWO metal bands, except that the musicians in the 2nd band DIDNT learn the song... (Breaking the Law by Priest).
Even though it was their fault for not learning it, ifelt bad that they came here for nothing, so I merged the bassist and the guitarist into my band that was playing Run to the hills.

we ended up having 2 bass players, and the guitarist became the ''frontman'' even though I already was (lead/vox).

Anyways the Actual show is coming up next month and he thinks hes a part of the band when really he's not... we all take turns singing (Im good at Motorhead, my rythm player's good at sabbath vocals) so it really negates the need of a ''frontman'' that can't sing any better than us.

He seriously thinks hes part of the band tries to compromise to our singer structure - claiming that when I sing Ace of Spades he'l play guitar... except hes worst than my rythm player so...

I dunno man... hes a good friend, but I see him as a guy just trying to Leech onto this band for the gig you know ?