Hey guys can you give me some pointers please! My left hand when I do pinky trills to strengthen my pinky my middle finger like crunches up. I can't move it out straight when im doing trills.

Any ideas? Is this normal? Thanks
Make sure your thumb is right on the back of your neck so that all of your fingers can come down on a right angle (or approaching a right angle) to the fretboard.

If you try to play it like you're playing open acoustic chords, the pinky will be your worst enemy.

If you're already doing that, then maybe you had a ligament injury that you don't remember. Try getting one of those lame finger strengthener things and doing a say... 3 week regimen on it.

If not that, then maybe you're actually an alien and your parents never told you. In that case, stop playing the guitar and start playing the xuiluit. No one on earth knows how to play it. You'll be the best.
About that, do i put my thumb so that its paralell with the neck or perpendicular?
I read somewhere that the thumb should be behind the neck right between the middle and ring finger,, if you understand what i mean,,