Probably everyone here has used that PU at some point or another. It's the PU metal legend Chuck Shuldiner said was the secret to his sound, it's the hottest passive PU there is (as far as I know of, anyway), it sounds great clean and good for heavy distortion but it's not warm in the least. It also has such a huge magnetic draw that you can loose sustain if you don't position it correctly.
its beautifully massive tone is perfect for music that will undoubtedly be distorted. dont buy it for clean cleans. and most dfinately will push your b52 to its limits. the only pickup on the major market with a higher output is the duncan invader..... i own both. :]
depends on what your looking for in a humbucker. It;s dimarzios's highest gain pickup as you probably read so it really depends on what sound you want from your strat. If it were me, I would probably have either of the following combos in an hss strat (they are only my personal choices):

Combo 1

Neck: Dimarzio air norton single
Middle: Blue Velvet Single
Bridge: Steve's Special

Combo 2

Neck: Seymour duncan hot rail

Middle: Seymour duncan hot rail

Bridge: Seymour duncan Trembucker

Try and play guitars with as many pickup combos as possible at GC or somewhere.
Eww, hotrails are gross. And you can't totally compare a PU in one guitar to that pickup in another guitar.

Dimarzio has the deal where if you buy a pickup from an authorized seller you can try it out and if you don't like it you can send it to DiMarzio and have it exchanged for something else.
fantastic "metal" pickup. You won't regret it.
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