Wrecking Ball
April 16, 2008

Quick run through of a song about that one girl that
all our moms warned us about. Would love some
feedback, especially about the chord progression.
and/or vocals Please leave a link so crits can be
returned. --J.

I also recorded it, here's the link on my myspace page: Wrecking Ball

[G] Spent last night dreaming about you
[G] Much like I had [Cadd9] the night [G] before
[G] Done so many laps around my head
[G] That my mind began [Cadd9] to get [G] sore

[G] Would it be better not to know that
[G] You are the one I've [Cadd9] been warned [G] about
[G] Made my living landing on the good side
[G] Of breaking free [Cadd9] and breaking [G] down

(music stops for 2 count)

[G]Then in walks you,
[Em7] My wrecking [G] ball
[Em7] Locks will be broken
[Cadd9] Walls will [G] fall
[C] All alone in the [G] center of it all
[C] There you stand [G] my Wrecking Ball
[C] At your mercy [G] how far do I fall
[C] At your mercy [Cadd9] my wrecking [G] ball

(whispering - soft strumming)
[G] Will she be my wrecking ball?

[G] What's the cost of a second chance
[G] Can I pay it back to [Cadd9] you over [G] time
[G] A new verse and the same old chorus
[G] Brand new take on a [Cadd9] one-of-a [G] kind

(whispering - soft strumming)
(will she be my wrecking ball)
(will she be my wrecking ball)
(will she be my wrecking ball)
(will she be my wrecking ball)

BRIDGE (quick, almost talking a la Mat Kearny style)
[G] Beauty is wasted if it doesn’t run deep
[G] Your skin proves what you're hiding underneath
[Cadd9] You’re never alone in the light or the dark
[Cadd9] We are all only human, we are what we are

A Myspace introduction to:

It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
It's compromise that moves us along. -- Maroon 5