Hello..Well to start things off I have recently purchased a Line 6 Spider III 75 watt amplifier..After a good amount of time of using it I came to the conclusion that I didnt like it.

I play a mix of Thrash / Deathmetal.Id like some recommendations for a good 300.00$ - 400.00$ amplifier.Or perhaps an amp head.I have some old Peavey cabs but I am unsure if they would be compatible.
Check out the bugera 333xl and 6262.
I tried the 333xl the other day and it was really good and had **** loads of gain. With the gain at 1 o clock it sounded like devildriver!
I've heard the 6262 has a good saturated tight gain, although I personally havn't tried it. Don't get worried about the whole bugera/behringer thing, seriously who gives a **** if you like it go for it .
And it will slay the spider
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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

The RG50TC seems like a good choice.Although..From what ive heard it has virbation/rattling issues on high volumes.Is this true?Or is it just for some people?