Alrighty ladies and gentlefolk, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to electronics. Therefore, I humbly request some assistance. Basically, will this head work with this cab? I thought I read something about matching the impedance/ohms but I'm not too sure. As usual, any help is appreciated.
It'd be better with a 4 ohm cab, or two of the ones you've picked, but yes it will work. It'll just be quieter.
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yup they work. of course unless you plan on sticking a larger speaker cabinet under it in the future i'd suggest a 4x10. but if you plan on adding another 8ohm cabinet later that should do just fine. and you can add another 8ohm with that head. remember that if you just use that 8 ohm cab you'll only be getting around 100watts or so from then head. smaller ohm rating on the cab means higher wattage. but all amps have a minimum impedance. that head's is 4. also remember that as you add cabs the impedance goes down as bass gear is wired in parallel. so 2 8ohm cabs comes out to 4 ohms.
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So basically, the number on the head is the minimum ohm rating you can have. You can go higher(8 ohm cab with 4 ohm rated head) but not lower (4 ohm cab with 8 ohm rated head). Go lower and you fry the head.

16 + 16 = 8

8 + 8 = 4

4 + 4 = 2

Make sense?
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Thanks for the help. I do plan on buying more cabinets when I get some more money, that's why I'm not going to buy a combo amp.