i want to install linux on a 40 GB harddrive, and im wondering how I should partition the drive because the installer says that it doesnt want to
...Then don't? It's Linux.

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40GB is a bit small to be running 2 OS...

Just download the live cd and run it first to see if you like it.

Then keep one or the other.
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forgot to mention, ive got windows on an 80 gb harddrive and im going to dual boot that with this 40 gb harddrive. im wondering what sizes my partitions should be, i think for the swap its 2x the ram size (?) and then the rest is just ext3
If you're booting Ubuntu they have a beta program you can just install and use it in a normal window, then uninstall if you don't like.
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^ he's got a blank drive...if it's ubuntu he can just pick "use entire disk"
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