I'm wondering what exactly the purpose of 12-string guitars are. They obviously have brighter tones/sounds... and is there a reason why there are many more acoustic models than electric?
they are there to give a fuller sound. they are usually used for singers and strumming stuff. not so much for soloing although it has been done. it just gives a different sound with the octave strings.

but why do they have more acoustic ones than electric? well i guess there isnt as big a demand for them. its like why are there more electric basses than acoustic basses? plus, a lot of acoustics including 12 strings ones are acoustic/electric.
I suppose. Are they not generally used for hard rock and metal? I mean, I think there are some examples from Metallica, but...
They have fuller sound, they sound so amazing playing chords or arpeggiated chord progressions(this of course assuming it is a nice 12 string).
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they just sound really cool
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i totally want one. restringing it would be tedious though. but i suppose itd be worth it in the end.

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Acoustic 12 strings are awesome!
12strings can sound like a banjo or electric if played right
for further information watch John Butler videos on youtube
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I was thinking of getting the one for $350. I have yet to buy a semi-hollow electric, and yet to buy a 12-string so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. If I had a semi-hollow already, I'd go for the Fender. Other two are out of my price range.
I'd love a 12 string, played loads in Denmark Street, played some Blind Willie McTell and LeadBelly (masters of the 12 string), got some funny looks though.

I think the tone is incredible, it gives the illusion of 2 guitars in complete harmony, which to me is incredible.
They're a conspiracy, they were invented by guitar string companies in a desparate attempt to make more money.
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...they sound different.

Obvious answer, really.
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They sound like multiple guitars with the octave strings.

So if you have an electric, you could get a chorus effect, and it would be easier than buying a new 12 string.

At least that's what I think.
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