This guy is almost done, and once i put a nozzle on the exhaust, and put the engine itself on some kind of cart, ill have myself, bar none, one of the loudest go carts to hit the street... Not only that, but on top of getting to make an obsessively obnoxious thing, i can use it for my senior project!

It really isn't that hard if you have some kind of DIY spirit in you.


I dont know...

Lets talk about the weather!

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Wait, I had an idea other than killing and skull fucking? What's up with me today...
I've heard of people building helicopters and other smaller turboprops in their garages. So it's not entirely unheard of.
you know, knowing how to build your own engines will be pretty important when the end of the world comes and society breaks down. knowledge will be the most important weapon then.

i think i'm gonna start learning how to build my own motors and weapons from trash. there's gonna be tons of trash..
Theres heaps of videos on youtube of jet engines made from turbochargers, which is what he's doing too. Not really new