I have what I believe is a late 80's early 90's Charvel with HSS and 1 volume 1 tone control. It has the antique crackel finish if that seems familiar. I want to put a new neck on it and was wondering it standard strat necks will fit. Also, will a strat pickguard fit it? Thanks
you'll need to measure your neck pocket width, and also make sure the scale lenth of the neck is the same. As for pick guards...good luck, Ive never had one match up perfectly....either its lined up with the body and the screw holes dont line up or the other way around....but you can always drill new holes. There might be some value in that guitar though, so find out what its worth before you make any holes and what not....

There should be a law/rule that a picture is required for posts like this . It would really help.
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Why do you want to put a new neck on it? If you're going to change everything on the guitar, you might as well sell it to someone who'll put it to better use then.

Drilling holes in something like that is like heresy!
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I've now got the neck and floyd adjusted perfectly therefore will not be replacing the neck any time soon. The two single coil pups took a **** on me so am going with one hum in the bridge for now. I need to cover the holes for now with a pickguard, as I do want the option of single coil upgrades in the future. It has never been fitted with a pickguard so I will probably end up customizing one. Thanks for the helpful replies. I will try to get some pics up.
Pictures. Also check out Jackson Charvel Forum. Sounds to me like it could be a 375 or maybe a Model 4 due to the crackle finish and pickup config.
Not a model 4. They had different electronics.

How is the logo? Standard Charvel or toothpaste Charvie?
If the logo is standard charvel with 3 a side headstock it's a US one. With 6aside on the logo it's Japanese, model series.

Could be a model 3, a 375, some others too...

Standard strat necks WILL fit but there will be a gap on either side of the neck pocket as they're slightly narrower.
It's the toothpaste logo and not a Fort Worth neck plate. Thanks for all the input. I'm going to leave the neck for now and probably end up purchasing some blank pickguard material and cutting it myself. Thanks again.
It's an '89-'91 fusion custom. This is not my guitar but minus the paint it's identical.